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10 Quick Questions a Day PROGRAM

Get the resources kids LOVE and stop the hassle of constantly creating curriculum!

Why does the 10 Quick Questions a Day program create confident and successful learners?

The content includes 40 WEEKS of literacy and numeracy content. 

The easy design of the program ensures your daily teaching instruction provides daily PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE that science proves students need to learn effectively. 

The program involves the method of SPACED practice which means we included multiple learning sessions every week (daily in the case of the 10 Quick Questions a Day program). Each session is short, concise and to the point. 

We created the program using the method of INTERLEAVING  >>> A process where students mix, or interleave, multiple subjects (over 10 curriculum areas each day when you use the program) or topics while they study in order to improve their learning.

The program was created for teachers to ensure their daily teaching plan consists of 10 Quick Questions a Day get positive learning outcomes!

(Each purchase covers one licence for up to 30 students)

We truly understand the immense challenges educators face in the ever-evolving landscape of curriculum development, all while juggling numerous teaching responsibilities.


We know creating daily reviews that gets results can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling stressed and on the brink of burnout.


Join the countless satisfied educators who have already transformed their teaching experience with our results-driven (and fun) resources!

Time-saving Tools for Teachers

I think the resource is excellent. I am using this as a daily revision / warm up for my 2 girls at home. I am a teacher but high school (PDHPE).

Mother and High School Teacher

Thank you for a great resource; while I don’t use it all, my class LOVE IT! The grammar and punctuation questions are great! I am aiming to have my whole year level (potentially 4 classes) on board next year to use as our homework program.

Year 6 Classroom Teacher, Northside Brisbane

I have introduced this into the class this week and now all the teachers at school that have seen it want copies! It’s a fantastic resource. Thank you again.
Melissa Pearce

Year 2/3 Classroom Teacher, Victoria

How will the 10 Quick Questions a Day Program help my students in the classroom or my children in their home learning space?

A multitude of uses; daily brain warm-ups, an excellent Naplan preparation tool, fast finishers, group work station activity, great for remedial or extension daily day buddies, weekly tests and more.

It can be used as your homework program allowing more time for classroom daily planning instead of your spare time spent preparing page after page of homework sheets. The fundamentals in TWO curriculum have been done for you. Parents can view the daily work taught in the classroom and can be involved in their child’s learning.

This program will provide all the peace of mind knowing you are helping your students succeed in these two very important key learning areas.
10 Quick Questions a Day provides constant reinforcement of concepts. Its repetitive and consistent page layout with definitions attached, allows for easy retention of learned concepts.
Great for NAPLAN preparation, increasing self-esteem and confidence with daily NAPLAN style questions in two main curriculum areas for all year levels.
The daily definitions will give your students the confidence, self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning that will help them thrive.
No more racing off to plan your literacy and numeracy curriculum on the weekends. More family and friends time for you!

(Each purchase covers one licence for up to 30 students)

What Does 10 Quick Questions A Day Include?

Planned-For-You daily revision, review, repetition, practice and consolidation teaching content 

The only consistent daily program ensuring teachers have a reliable and easy-to-use daily revision system in place

5 Literacy and 5 Numeracy questions every day for 40 weeks

Over 2000 questions per year level ~ Years 1 to 6

2 Curriculum areas covered every day – Punctuation, spelling, writing, grammar, sentence, structure, time, number, chance + data, measurement, position/space and problem solving!! Answers included for easy marking

What Your Investment Provides:

A done for you daily review teaching content for TWO curriculum areas.

Gain your weekends and personal time back with a time saver program for each term.

Confidence to be guaranteed your students are learning through the principles of Science of Learning every day.

A 10 Quick Questions a Day lifetime licence for your classroom.

Ten hours saved in planning each week, that's 100 hours over a term, because the content is done-for-you already.

Peace of mind your teaching methods are providing the most effective way for your students to learn that is fun, engaging and creating results.

Ensures your daily teaching plan involves consistency in teaching content, revision, review, consolidation and practice.

The system is user-friendly, set out in a step by step process.

How it Works!!



1. Simply click the link below to purchase your 10 Quick Questions a Day program. This digital licence for each book you purchase and can be used for up to 30 kids in your classroom.

2. Download the program. Easy to use PDF format!!! Print copies for your classroom students or use on your pdf-compatible classroom device.


3. Enjoy watching your students thrive and working on their daily 10 questions every day – They will LOVE IT! !



(Each purchase covers one licence for up to 30 students)

As seen in:

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Thank you so very much. I was a bit hesitant paying etc but you know what, I am going to email the people I teach with all about you and encourage them all to join. Hard finding what I wanted but I did with you. We work our literacy based on the four block model, so I am always looking for warm up activities, as you have provided for me, something when the children arrive that is literacy based and ready for them to begin learning whilst waiting to read to either teacher. I have tried different things but with varying levels of ability, it was a challenge. The work you provided will cover 8 out of my ten children leaving me to organise letter id activities, MIOOW words for two struggling boys. I can’t thank you enough. If I am able to, I will purchase Term 4 and then begin next year as well.

Special Needs Teacher, Victoria

Thousands of teachers are starting their day with 10 Quick Questions a Day DAILY REVIEWS to guarantee their teaching instruction includes daily practice revision, reteaching, review and consolidation of concepts taught yesterday, last week and last month.

 In these two videos Teaching from the Heart and Mrs Lazar show how the 10 Quick Questions a Day program gives them:

✔️ Time back in their teacher planning

✔️ Ensures they are covering two curriculum areas every day

✔️ Display the multitude of uses the program provides to their teaching day 


(Each purchase covers one licence for up to 30 students)

10 Quick Questions a Day Program

Includes 10 curriculum areas which takes a quick 20 mins each day to explicitly teach.

Covers over 2000 LITERACY + NUMERACY questions for an entire year.

Ensures DAILY + GUIDED reviewing, practising, revising and consolidating of your teaching content each day.

Identifies gaps in learning fast giving you PEACE OF MIND knowing you are jumping onto any learning issues quickly for every student.

Based on the SCIENCE OF LEARNING ~ Spaced Learning, Interleaving, Explicit and Guided Instruction methods to your teaching plan. Your principal will be impressed!

Don’t be the only one not implementing daily reviews in your teaching plan – 1000’s of teachers across Australia start their morning ensuring they are covering all the fundamental basics for their students – Feel confident your teaching instruction will get your students the results they deserve.

Includes daily questions for every term across every year level, from Years 1-6. Purchase an entire term for only $75 on a lifetime licence to use with future students.

Or set and forget your DAILY REVIEWS and know they are ready for delivery every day of the school year. Purchase the whole year at a DISCOUNTED RATE

Kids LOVE Their Daily 10 Questions ~ What Teacher Doesn’t Want That?!




BOOTCAMP: Punctuation and Spelling

Our unique BOOTCAMP resource!!


25 daily questions to kick start and support revision in punctuation and spelling.


A concise 6 week fun bootcamp style format will have kids exercising and laughing on every page.

Early years – prep

Super fun and educational activities to engage any little learner. These sample pages introduce pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills taught in the early years classroom.

Colouring and Puzzle Pages

15 minute filler and fast finisher colouring and brain teaser activities.

Children will love working through these fabulous colouring and puzzle sample activities.

With an appealing layout ready for instant engagement, each page is designed to provide absorbing enjoyment and satisfaction.

Ideal as an additional education alternative, as a bonus for fast finishers, whole-class reward challenges, or for just about any time a bran workout is required.

About Lizard Learning

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. I’m Cindy Holmberg-Smith the founder of this exciting and fun educational company, Lizard Learning. Our purpose is to create quality professional teaching tools and resources that help busy primary school teachers, relief teachers, home-schooling parents, and dedicated parents, motivate, inspire and engage children in success and achievement in the primary school years. After many years as a primary school teacher I learned that we teachers couldn’t have enough good quality resources to help with lesson planning. I spent a great deal of my personal time designing and creating interesting, unique and relevant educational lesson plans for my classes.
From these experiences and those of observations from my colleagues, I saw the real need for useful and convenient educational resources be developed that could be accessed by one trusted source. Instead of teachers reinventing the wheel each and every day or looking for new ways to cover the fundamentals in numeracy and literacy for their students, I could see that teachers needed one resource that would cater to this daily need and free up precious time for other tasks.

So I began on my journey of creating an exciting and unique brand new set of resources for primary school teachers.

I spent considerable time bringing together a team of teaching professionals to ensure we created a useful and worthwhile teaching tool for students that catered to the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy based on the Australian Curriculum.

It was in this research and development phase that we discovered our users needed resources quickly. As a response to this, we have made our products available online for easy and instant accessibility at home and in the classroom.

We also understand that as a parent, it’s difficult to be involved in your children’s learning as schooling today is so different and can create many obstacles when you don’t have the required teaching knowledge to help with success.

Our flagship series,10 Quick Questions a Day can help overcome these hurdles in a one-step, easy-to-use resource.  It’s not intended to replace the curriculum teaching, but to complement it by reinforcing the most essential concepts.

As a dedicated teaching tool, 10 Quick Questions a Day program covers 5 literacy and 5 numeracy questions a day, 5 days a week, for each term.

Lizard Learning, with our talented, energised and motivated team, look forward to developing quality teaching tools and resources from teachers for teachers, to respond to real educational and learning needs which will help you gain your precious family time back, yet create activities that will actually make a difference to all primary students.

Please drop me an email and share anything that is on your mind. I will always respond to any questions, suggestions or feedback.

Until next time, my fellow teachers, and educators remember, you are the ones who shape our World. Feel blessed you are part of such an important and rewarding profession!

This is for you if you:

✔️ Wish to increase your student’s learning easily and effectively to gain results fast, using principles backed by research from the Science of Learning 


✔️ Need a DAILY REVIEW resource that you don’t have to spend hours planning that includes BOTH literacy and numeracy in your students daily revision and practice


✔️ Would like to see the gaps in learning fast without continual testing, assessment and marking. You will see where students are struggling instantly, when 10 Quick Questions a Day daily reviews are implemented each day


✔️ Crave a consistent approach to daily revision that will give your students positive learning outcomes


✔️ Want to be free from the overwhelm and stress of too much to do and not enough hours in the day

(Each purchase covers one licence for up to 30 students)

“Love the 10 quick questions a day. I’m a new graduate with Year 6 next year. I just wanted to let you know how much I like the resource. As a graduate teacher I love your 10 Quick Questions a Day. They are fantastic as an early finisher activity or as a daily warm-up. The kids love them too”

Caboolture, Queensland

“Cindy! You are awesome! Thank you so much.” “I think this will be awesome to use I have 1 Year 4 and 1 Year 3 student I am looking at sending to do this daily with a teacher aide. I am excited to trial the program as a separate task they can do with an aide, that does not make me drown in preparation. I am thinking that once I know and understand the program well, I could look at extending it next year to order for whole class use.”

Classroom Teacher

“Thank you, Cindy, for the wonderful 10 Quick Questions a Day program. I am an SSP teacher in a very small school and the structure of the questions and the layout is perfect for my students. Hearing that all your resources are now in a membership for one price makes it the perfect yearly subscription for a teacher to have in their teacher tool-kit each year. I am always needing different year levels and different terms and now I have access to it all. My kids LOVE their 10 questions each day.”
S. Iisakka

Assistant Principal / SSP Teacher, NSW


I would like my school to pay. How does this work?

Perfect! Many schools do this so teachers don’t have to pay out of their pocket. If you love any of our resources, let your principal, deputy or head of curriculum know the resource and they can order the hardcopy version for each student on the school’s book list.

Can a homeschooling family use Lizard Learning resources?

We have 1000’s of homeschooling families using our resources. The 10 Quick Questions a Day program is a lifesaver for many families who need daily review of content and unsure of what to teach or cover for each year level.

Are your resources copyright protected?

Yes! We take copyright very seriously at Lizard Learning. There are many ways to purchase our resources without breaching copyright. If you are a teacher buying for the class, there is a class price on the website. Further, provide your school admin with the books you would like purchased and have them included on the book list so each child has their own hardcopy.

Can we order the hardcopy books via your website?

Yes! When you contact cindy@lizardlearning.com, we can provide you with a further school discount when you order hardcopy resources for your whole school. It’s a massive saving, giving money back to your school to be able to purchase further great teaching tools for their students.

Can I use 10 Quick Questions a Day Program if I am a teacher overseas?

Definitely! The questions are designed as a template. If you need to swap out some questions, for example, Q7 includes money and Q8 includes measurement. These would be the only questions you might need to swap to suit your school’s curriculum if you teach in another country.

I loved this Masterclass. Would you come to our school and present this as a PD?

Sharing these 5 easy strategies to make life easy for teachers to empower their teacher life is the greatest privilege owning an educational publishing provides. Please email cindy@lizardlearning.com and we can discuss presenting this as a PD to your teachers either in person or on a Zoom.

(Each purchase covers one licence for up to 30 students)

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