Even with fun pictures, kids can struggle to master the fundamentals of maths. Just when they’ve got a handle on addition, they learn that there’s another type of maths that is similar to addition but also completely different: the dreaded Multiplication. Even as adults we sometimes have to pause and work it out the long way when we come up against tricky multiplication.

The fun little characters used as visual representations on the worksheet create a perfect jumping off point to get kids thinking about how maths fits into other parts of their lives. Try getting the kids to write a little story that goes with each equation. For example: Two monsters tried to lift a heavy box. They weren’t strong enough, so they called two more monster friends. They still weren’t strong enough, so they called two more monsters, who brought two of their friends with them. Now there were eight of them they could finally lift the box.

Another way to make it a bit more fun, you could get the kids up and moving. Use students instead of pictures or blocks to demonstrate how multiplication works. For example: ask the kids to organise themselves into four groups of three, then you can join the groups together in different ways to demonstrate that 4×3=12. This will be limited by the amount of kids in your class, but there are all sorts of fun ways to adapt this idea to get kids moving and engaging with the content.

Hopefully with the huge range of fun, relevant, and engaging activities we create, your students will be laughing as they develop their maths abilities in fun and functional ways. Our very popular 10 Quick Questions a Day is fantastic way to provide the daily consolidation of concepts that children need.

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