Best Plants for Your Classroom

Plants are great for any classroom as they can bring any room to life. They add a sense of interaction with your environment as it gives you something to care for and look after. 

Plants bring a calming vibe to any classroom as the green colours of nature automatically relax us and make us feel more at ease. Not to mention that plants also clean the air! NASA did a study which measured the purifying effect of plants on the air. If you’re interested to learn more about this study, you can find out by simply Googling: NASA Clean Air Study.

Take a look at some of our favourite in-door plants and start imagining the perfect place for them to go in your classroom:

Best Classroom Plants

Mother Tongue

Best Plants for Classrooms

Boston Fern

Best Plants for the Classroom

Peace Lilly

Best Plants for the Classroom

Areca Palm

Just remember that indoor plants do not like direct sunlight or too much water. When you choose your indoor plant, it is a good idea to research the soil that would suit your plant best, however indoor plants mostly love fast-draining soil. Make sure you place your beautiful plant near a window that gets medium to low light.

Have fun with finding the best plants for your room and personality. It can be so much fun! How nice would it be to take the afternoon off to walk around the outdoors and garden centres to choose the perfect plants for you. Great on the mental health too.

I am sure that this small investment will breathe new life into your classroom and bring joy to the learning environment for both you and your little charges.

Happy planting!


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