Encourage Writing and Editing in the Classroom

by | Jun 24, 2020 | For Teachers, Teaching

Teaching writing was one of the hardest curriculum activities I had to do as a full time classroom teacher. Just setting up for a writing activity was hard enough with the little ones.

After organising each child in preparation to write; finding a pencil, sharpening a pencil, locating their writing book with blue and red lines, then settling them into the correct writing position; sit still, all four legs of the chair and on the floor, pencil grip and concentration, I found myself with only minutes of the writing lesson left to teach.

There aren’t too many teachers I know that don’t have the same struggle with teaching writing in the classroom, so we find ourselves coming up with all sorts of ingenious ways to encourage our students to put pen to paper like @the.k.files on Instagram has done with her students.

Encourage Writing and Editing
{ Pic credit ~ @the.k.files over on Instagram  }

Lori uses her method of Revising Eyes, little plastic play toy eye balls students place on their fingers like rings that reminds and encourages each student in a super fun way to edit, check, look and correct their writing piece as they go and on completion.


What other ideas have you seen to encourage ways to support a student in the writing process? You might have some great ideas yourself that has already seen proven results using your unique technique.



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