Ensure The Consistent And Constant Delivery Of Classroom Content

We hear the stories all the time that Naplan is stressful and an anxious time. It certainly was for me as a Year 3 teacher until I changed my mindset and started to become creative in how I prepared my kids. Naplan, or anything in fact you might find scary, will continue to be if you want to think that way, but it doesn’t have to be. Being prepared and delivering consistent and daily revision in literacy and numeracy will give your children the confidence to tackle these questions in May.

Luckily we have the solution to make this testing time in May a wonderful experience through our consistent method of teaching the fundamentals in literacy and numeracy. All the work has been done for you!! Cover punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, reading comprehension, writing, time, measurement, chance and data, positioning, graphs, geometry, shapes, problem solving and more. Teachers tell us all the time they are so thankful because all the planning and creating of content is ready in one simple download.

10 Quick Questions a Day is the answer to helping your kids retain what they’ve learned because we offer definitions at most questions, we continually repeat and roll over the questions for that constant revision kids need to learn, plus our resources all come with ANSWERS for a super user friendly experience. Grab your FREE week sample here for Years 1-6 >

We love to offer value here at Lizard Learning and arm you with heaps of knowledge on our resources before you purchase from us. I have created a three part video series so you can delve into the pages and see for yourself the benefits of revision, consistency and consolidation with over 10 different curriculum areas on each page. Watch the videos here >

We love to hear your thoughts! Please comment below and tell us how you prepare your students for Naplan so they are both educationally and most importantly, emotionally ready for test day. Cindy xo



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