Benefits Of Reduced Classroom Pricing
Our School Licence provides your school and teachers with the peace of mind knowing the fundamentals in TWO curriculums, both literacy and numeracy in one resource are covered. Over TEN different curriculum areas are represented every single day with this consistent, repetitive and constant approach to learning that will increase any child’s confidence and self-esteem in their daily classroom work.

Many questions have definitions so children begin to retain what they’ve learned. We are taking out the testing and bringing back the teaching. All the work is completed for your teachers. We save your teachers’ time by providing over 10 different curriculum areas on one page and we have systematically completed all the answers to ensure your teachers are productive in the tasks that are important. A complete time-saving, educational, engaging and fun resource that will have your students laughing as they learn and thriving academically and emotionally.

This School Licence allows your teachers to use the 10 Quick Questions a Day program freely as a hardcopy or interactively to suit the needs of individual teaching styles and learning needs of children. Lizard Learning is registered with Copyright Australia Limited. If your school is ever randomly chosen for a photocopy audit, this School Licence protects your school from any fines that maybe imposed by copyright laws.

When you purchase the 10 Quick Questions a Day product, you will be invited to the private Facebook page where all your teachers can sign-up, ask questions, share ideas and collaborate with other friendly teachers. A trusted resource where the creator of the product, Cindy is contactable, approachable and happy to assist, in ensuring your team are well supported and your children are consistently learning the content that is important for their primary schooling success.

Reduced Classroom Prices
Lizard Learning 10QQAD books are individual Student Workbooks. A licence is required to use this resource. Please contact with any questions regarding licences of 10 Quick Questions A Day or refer to the charts below.

How do I download resources as Lizard Learning Club PLUS Member
1. Purchase a Lizard Learning Club PLUS Membership via the SHOP
2. Click on the menu item Lizard Learning Club PLUS
3. View the range of activities
4. Click the Download button on the resources you wish to use.

When you return later to download more resources you will need to be logged in to your account for the Lizard Learning Learning Club PLUS menu item to appear.

You will need an active Lizard Learning Club Membership to view and access the host of teaching resources.

Activity Packs are also available to purchase individually via the shop however your access as a Club PLUS member is via the Lizard Learning Club Plus menu item.

Please contact with any questions about Club Memberships.

How to Print Your Teacher Resources
All of our resources are supplied in PDF format, so before you begin printing, please download the latest version of Adobe Reader here:

First, purchase and/or download the resource you wish to print. Your computer should automatically open it with Adobe Reader. If it doesn’t, then open Adobe Reader, and select the ‘file’ to open.

Once it’s open, control ‘P’ will bring up your Print dialog box, see below.

The most important settings for you on a Mac is the ‘Scale to Fit’ and ‘Fill Entire Paper/Print Entire Image’. Select these and print preview, before you print so you can see how its going to look.

The most important setting for you on a PC is the ‘Page Sizing & Handling’. In this section, ensure you have selected ‘size’ in the tabs and selected the ‘Fit’ radio button. This will mean that the resource will be scaled to fit on your printer’s paper.

Click the ‘Print’ button and enjoy our teacher’s resources – the fun has just begun!

How to print Lizard Learning Resources

How to Download Your Purchase
Once you have completed your purchase you will be sent an email with a link to download the PDF. Please note you are limited to download this file 3 times before the link expires. We recommend you download and save onto your computer for future reference and use.

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10 Quick Questions A Day Sample!


I have introduced 10 Quick Questions A Day into the class this week and now all the teachers at school that have seen it want copies! It’s a fantastic resource. Thank you again.
Melissa Pearce

Year 2/3 Classroom Teacher, Victoria

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