Time Saving Tools for Teachers and Parents!

Time Saving Tools for Teachers and Parents!

Quality time-saving teaching printables and worksheets for a teacher’s primary school classroom. Save hours lesson planning with the complete literacy and numeracy lesson plan for the daily classroom. Plus, instant access to online learning resources, posters, lessons, games, lesson ideas, lesson planning and activities. All learning classroom resources are designed by experienced and passionate classroom teachers.


10 Quick Questions a Day Mini Lessons

The all-in-one complete daily curriculum guide to cover all the fundamentals in two main learning areas. 5 literacy and 5 numeracy questions every day for easy and simple delivery. This program is a staple in classrooms and used by thousands of Australian primary school teachers.


Bootcamp Punctuation & Spelling Mini Lessons

Our unique BOOTCAMP resource. Burpees and Pushups included to make learning fun. 25 daily questions to kick start and support revision in punctuation and spelling.

15 Minute Fillers

15 minute filler and fast finisher colouring and brain teaser activities.

Early Years - Prep Pages

Early Years – PREP pages to introduce pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills to the little learner.

Resource Bundle

Extra bundle of free learning resources and activities to engage learning.

*prices in Australian Dollars

$97per year

10 Quick Questions a Day

Covers 40 weeks of literacy and numeracy curriculum content (over 12,000 questions) for Years 1-6 in one easy to use daily format that doesn’t require any planning or preparation for teachers or parents. Download and deliver for your complete curriculum support for the year. Provides peace of mind and consistency. Our most popular resource used by thousands of teachers in Australian classrooms daily. Perfect for Naplan preparation too!

Bootcamp - Punctuation and Spelling

Perfect for daily punctuation and spelling practice. Our unique BOOTCAMP resource brings movement into learning with fun burpees and pushups to have students laughing as they learn. Over 360 questions. Easy to use delivering 2 questions a day over a week for revision and consistent teaching. All resources for Years 1 – 6

Colouring and Puzzle Books Years 1-6

Our full range of BOREDOM BUSTERS for Years 1 – 6. Over 100 pages including sudoku, word searches and crosswords

Early Years – Prep Books

Full book of learning activities to get the brains and little fingers active with these fun and engaging pages. Includes activities supporting the Australian Curriculum; Spot the Difference, Beginning Sounds, Count and Colour, Symmetry Drawing, Handwriting, Matching and Sorting.

Relief Teachers – Survival Guide – 10 Quick Questions a Day)

Relief Teachers DEMANDED this resource. One book provides the RELIEF TEACHER with their daily lesson planning. Never worry when the phone rings again at 6am. Always be confident with the curriculum in-your-pocket. Comes with answers and definitions at most questions and never be caught out. This resource will have you schools calling you back again and again.

Comprehensive Resources

All our additional resources supporting students in the classroom and at home. Activities include Literacy, Numeracy, Early Childhood, Back to School, Growth Mindset, Motivational Posters, Stationery Organisers, Classroom/Home Learning setup materials, Special Day resources, Christmas cards, puzzles, colouring, coded worksheets, sequencing, puzzles, calendars, riddles, crosswords and game packs. Resources added regularly. 

*prices in Australian Dollars


Years 1 – 6


Lizard Learning is the solution for the busy teacher, parent, homeschooler or carer to inspire, motivate and engage their primary school children in literacy and numeracy. By offering a host of quality professional teaching tools, resources and programs.


  • to a consistent and constant approach to learning
  • to a classroom filled with confident children who have a positive attitude towards learning
  • to a value packed program that saves time and gives you back your weekends
  • to a program based on revision and repetition for easy retention of learned concepts
  • to a program where the work is done for you
  • to an easy to use resource that covers the fundamentals of both literacy and numeracy
  • to a stress-free classroom and peace of mind knowing you are helping your students succeed in these two very important key learning areas

Individual Workbooks

I have introduced 10 Quick Questions A Day into the class this week and now all the teachers at school that have seen it want copies! It’s a fantastic resource. Thank you again.

Melissa Pearce

Year 2/3 Classroom Teacher, Victoria

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