Homeschool Resources That Give You More Time For Connection, Fun and FAMILY!!

10 Quick Questions A Day Program

Diverse Learning 

Explore over 10 curriculum areas each day, encouraging your child’s curiosity and fostering a love for learning.

Parent Involvement

Actively participate in your child’s daily revision questions or allow your child to work on their own and review answers.

Time-Saving Solution

Reclaim your precious time and create more intentional connection time with your child by using a program that simplifies your daily teaching plan.

Gentle Effective Learning

Science-backed method of SPACED practice, providing daily practice sessions that enhance learning and retention without overwhelming your child.

As a dedicated homeschooling parent, you understand the importance of providing your child with engaging resources that foster a love of learning. But ensuring your child gets the best literacy and numeracy support can mean endless hours spent searching for resources online – there is so much out there, it can be completely overwhelming and exhausting!

Our program is not just a resource; it’s your homeschooling partner. 


Designed by an experienced educator, 10 Quick Questions a Day Program offers 40 weeks of comprehensive literacy and numeracy content, aligning with the Science of Learning to ensure your child’s success.

We’ve taken CARE of everything for you so you can focus on enjoying your homeschooling experience!! 

What Does 10 Quick Questions A Day Include?

Planned-For-You daily revision, review, repetition, practice and consolidation teaching content 

The only consistent daily program ensuring teachers have a reliable and easy-to-use daily revision system in place

5 literacy and 5 numeracy questions every day for 40 weeks

Over 2000 questions per year level ~ Years 1 to 6

2 curriculum areas covered every day – Punctuation, spelling, writing, grammar, sentence, structure, time, number, chance + data, measurement, position/space and problem solving!! Answers included for easy marking

I think the resource is excellent. I am using this as a daily revision / warm up for my 2 girls at home. I am a teacher but high school (PDHPE).

Mother and High School Teacher

Thank you for a great resource; while I don’t use it all, my class LOVE IT! The grammar and punctuation questions are great! I am aiming to have my whole year level (potentially 4 classes) on board next year to use as our homework program.

Year 6 Classroom Teacher, Northside Brisbane

I have introduced this into the class this week and now all the teachers at school that have seen it want copies! It’s a fantastic resource. Thank you again.
Melissa Pearce

Year 2/3 Classroom Teacher, Victoria

Parents That Use The 10 Quick Questions A Day Program Never Have To Worry About


Time constraints

We cover all the necessary topics within the curriculum so you can balance your parenting and education with ease! 


Children with different learning styles and needs

All children have diverse learning styles, abilities, and backgrounds – it’s why the school system doesn’t work for everyone. We’ve designed a curriculum that caters to individual needs to ensure your child has the right support.


Endless searching for resources

10 Quick Questions a Day Program covers all your literacy and numeracy needs, so you don’t have to be bogged down in Google to find what you need.


Kids getting bored

Maintaining your child’s interest and engagement is crucial for effective learning. Our curriculum program includes relevant and captivating content with fun characters your child will love.


Unsure of how much literacy and numeracy to share

We want your child to have as much time to experience the joys of homeschooling – more hands-on, more nature, more creativity, more exploration, and more connection. That’s why we’ve balanced the focus on literacy (reading, writing, and language skills) and numeracy (mathematical concepts and problem-solving) to ensure that both areas receive sufficient attention while considering the varying needs of your children – WITHOUT taking up all your homeschooling time.

Why Our Program Is SO POPULAR Amongst Homeschoolers

A done-for-you daily review of teaching content for TWO curriculum areas

Includes 10 curriculum areas, which takes a quick 20 mins each day to explicitly teach

Ensures DAILY + GUIDED reviewing, reteaching, practising, revising and consolidating of your teaching content each day

Identifies gaps in learning fast, giving you PEACE OF MIND knowing you are supporting your child with any learning challenges

Based on the SCIENCE OF LEARNING ~ Spaced Learning, Interleaving, Explicit and Guided Instruction methods to your teaching plan

Includes daily questions for every term across every year level, from Years 1-6. Purchase an entire term or a yearly bundle for a lifetime licence

How it Works!!



1. Simply click the link below to purchase your 10 Quick Questions a Day program. This digital licence provides you with a PDF licence to use in your home with your child.

2. Download the program. Easy to use PDF format!!! Print copies or use on your pdf-compatible device.


3. Enjoy watching your child thrive working on their daily 10 questions every day – They will LOVE IT! !



As seen in:

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Thank you so very much. I was a bit hesitant paying etc but you know what, I am going to email the people I teach with all about you and encourage them all to join. Hard finding what I wanted but I did with you. We work our literacy based on the four block model, so I am always looking for warm up activities, as you have provided for me, something when the children arrive that is literacy based and ready for them to begin learning whilst waiting to read to either teacher. I have tried different things but with varying levels of ability, it was a challenge. The work you provided will cover 8 out of my ten children leaving me to organise letter id activities, MIOOW words for two struggling boys. I can’t thank you enough. If I am able to, I will purchase Term 4 and then begin next year as well.

Special Needs Teacher, Victoria



10 Quick Questions a Day Program

Includes 10 curriculum areas which takes a quick 20 mins each day to explicitly teach

Covers over 2000 LITERACY + NUMERACY questions for an entire year

Ensures DAILY + GUIDED reviewing, practising, revising and consolidating of your teaching content each day

Identifies gaps in learning fast giving you PEACE OF MIND knowing you are jumping onto any learning issues quickly for every student

Based on the SCIENCE OF LEARNING ~ Spaced Learning, Interleaving, Explicit and Guided Instruction methods to your teaching plan

Feel confident your teaching instruction will get your child the results they deserve

Includes daily questions for every term across every year level, from Years 1-6. Purchase an entire term or a yearly bundle for a lifetime licence

Or set and forget your DAILY REVIEWS and know they are ready for delivery every day of the school year

Kids LOVE Their Daily 10 Questions ~ What Parent Doesn’t Want That?!




BOOTCAMP: Punctuation and Spelling

Our unique BOOTCAMP resource!!


25 daily questions to kick start and support revision in punctuation and spelling.


A concise 6 week fun bootcamp style format will have kids exercising and laughing on every page.

Early years – prep

Super fun and educational activities to engage any little learner. This workbook introduces pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills taught in the early years classroom.

Colouring and Puzzle Pages

15 minute filler and fast finisher colouring and brain teaser activities.

Children will love working through these fabulous colouring and puzzle sample activities.

With an appealing layout ready for instant engagement, each page is designed to provide absorbing enjoyment and satisfaction.

Ideal as an additional education alternative, as a bonus for fast finishers, whole-class reward challenges, or for just about any time a bran workout is required.

About Lizard Learning

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. I’m Cindy Holmberg-Smith the founder of this exciting and fun educational company, Lizard Learning. Our purpose is to create quality professional teaching tools and resources that help busy primary school teachers, relief teachers, home-schooling parents, and dedicated parents, motivate, inspire and engage children in success and achievement in the primary school years. After many years as a primary school teacher I learned that we teachers couldn’t have enough good quality resources to help with lesson planning. I spent a great deal of my personal time designing and creating interesting, unique and relevant educational lesson plans for my classes.
From these experiences and those of observations from my colleagues, I saw the real need for useful and convenient educational resources be developed that could be accessed by one trusted source. Instead of teachers reinventing the wheel each and every day or looking for new ways to cover the fundamentals in numeracy and literacy for their students, I could see that teachers needed one resource that would cater to this daily need and free up precious time for other tasks.

So I began on my journey of creating an exciting and unique brand new set of resources for primary school teachers.

I spent considerable time bringing together a team of teaching professionals to ensure we created a useful and worthwhile teaching tool for students that catered to the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy based on the Australian Curriculum.

It was in this research and development phase that we discovered our users needed resources quickly. As a response to this, we have made our products available online for easy and instant accessibility at home and in the classroom.

We also understand that as a parent, it’s difficult to be involved in your children’s learning as schooling today is so different and can create many obstacles when you don’t have the required teaching knowledge to help with success.

Our flagship series,10 Quick Questions a Day can help overcome these hurdles in a one-step, easy-to-use resource.  It’s not intended to replace the curriculum teaching, but to complement it by reinforcing the most essential concepts.

As a dedicated teaching tool, 10 Quick Questions a Day program covers 5 literacy and 5 numeracy questions a day, 5 days a week, for each term.

Lizard Learning, with our talented, energised and motivated team, look forward to developing quality teaching tools and resources from teachers for teachers, to respond to real educational and learning needs which will help you gain your precious family time back, yet create activities that will actually make a difference to all primary students.

Please drop me an email and share anything that is on your mind. I will always respond to any questions, suggestions or feedback.

Until next time, my fellow teachers, and educators remember, you are the ones who shape our World. Feel blessed you are part of such an important and rewarding profession!

This is for you if you:

✔️ Wish to easily and effectively gain results fast, using principles backed by research from the Science of Learning 


✔️ Need a homeshcooling resource that you don’t have to spend hours planning that includes BOTH literacy and numeracy in your child’s daily revision and practice


✔️ Crave a consistent approach to daily revision that will give your child positive learning outcomes


✔️ Want to be free from the overwhelm and stress of too much to do and not enough hours in the day


✔️ Are waking at 3am worried about creating engaging curriculum for your child

“Love the 10 quick questions a day. I’m a new graduate with Year 6 next year. I just wanted to let you know how much I like the resource. As a graduate teacher I love your 10 Quick Questions a Day. They are fantastic as an early finisher activity or as a daily warm-up. The kids love them too”

Caboolture, Queensland

“Cindy! You are awesome! Thank you so much.” “I think this will be awesome to use I have 1 Year 4 and 1 Year 3 student I am looking at sending to do this daily with a teacher aide. I am excited to trial the program as a separate task they can do with an aide, that does not make me drown in preparation. I am thinking that once I know and understand the program well, I could look at extending it next year to order for whole class use.”

Classroom Teacher

“Thank you, Cindy, for the wonderful 10 Quick Questions a Day program. I am an SSP teacher in a very small school and the structure of the questions and the layout is perfect for my students. Hearing that all your resources are now in a membership for one price makes it the perfect yearly subscription for a teacher to have in their teacher tool-kit each year. I am always needing different year levels and different terms and now I have access to it all. My kids LOVE their 10 questions each day.”
S. Iisakka

Assistant Principal / SSP Teacher, NSW


What exactly is the "10 Quick Questions A Day Program”, and how does it work?

The 10 Quick Questions A Day Program is a teaching workbook that contains 10 questions per day that cover the literacy and numeracy skills required to be developed Years 1 to 6.

Is this program suitable for children of all ages and grade levels?

This program is designed for Years 1-6 

Do I need teaching experience to use this program effectively?

The program is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require prior teaching experience. Answers are included in every book across the entire range of resources at Lizard Learning. No parent should be wasting precious learning and teaching time, guessing or having to Google. Not on our watch!

What subjects and topics does the program cover?

The program covers Literacy and Numeracy curriculum.

How much time should my child spend on this program each day?

All it takes is maximum 30 minutes a day. Curve of Forgetting research proves we only retain the first few minutes and the last few minutes within a teaching lesson. This is why talking-time in lessons should only be 2-3 minutes for the little ones and no more than 10 minutes for the older students before a child needs a break (a quick jump and down, song, movement of some kind). Science of Learning research proves, we only take in 3-4 pieces of new information when a lesson is presented. This is why 30 minutes is enough for students to increase their learning and understanding due to the reteaching, revision and review layout. Students consistently revise taught concepts every day within this structured and research based program. 

Is the program aligned with educational standards and guidelines?

The program is alignment with educational standards relevant and based on the Australian Curriculum. 

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