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Help your students make sense of numbers with this number representation activity sheet. Perfect for young learners or students who are struggling with the concept of quantity. 

When children are introduced to numbers, they are often first taught to count orally. Following this comes numeral recognition. This is when students are able to link a number’s written shape to its spoken number name.

The next step after this, is for learners to understand that each number, with its spoken and written form, also has a quantity/value. At this point, it can get a little more challenging for students.

It is therefore important to allow students to play with tangible objects, in order to investigate quantity and explore a number in its physical form. Once they have had this opportunity, they will then be ready for pictorial representations.

The final step is to bring all this knowledge together in order for them to see that a single number can be represented in many ways. And this is where the Number 6 Activity sheet becomes useful. 

The activity sheet contains six different exercises, all related to the number 6. It presents students with different ways that 6 can be represented all in one easy to use activity sheet.

It walks students through numeral recognition and formation to written number names and then onto representations of quantity.

The easy-to-understand worksheet makes it perfect for an independent task during a maths lesson or a whole class carousel. Students will be able to follow the instructions with minimal input from an adult.

How to Use the Number 6 Activity Sheet:

  1. Download and print the resource sheet.
  2. Students start at the top of the sheet by completing the number formation task. They must use a pencil to write the number 6. Starting at the star and following within the dotted lines to form the number 6.
  3. They will then practise the spelling of six by colouring the letters.
  4. After this, there are four activities relating to quantity. Students must follow the instructions to colour, draw and circle, 6 objects in each activity.

Extension Activities and Fun Ideas:

  • Number of the Week is a popular strategy used in early years to familiarise children with numbers. Each week, a class will focus on one number between 0-10 and there will be different activities relating to representing that number. Students will learn how to say, write and make the number using various objects. By focusing on one number each week, students will have time to absorb what that number looks and feels like in its different forms.
  • Set up a Number of the Week station in your classroom. This can simply be a table or area where students can touch, hear and see numbers.

At your number station you may wish to include:

  • Sound buttons. These are great in helping students recall number names and pronunciations. Teachers can record themselves saying the number and students can also have a turn at recording their own voices.
  • Playdough, string or other malleable materials can be placed at the station. Students should be encouraged to mould and shape the materials to form the numeral.
  • Tangible objects, such as cubes, tens frames, numicon, counters, etc… should be made available. Students should be challenged to make a number in as many different ways as possible. This could be done by using different objects or by simply arranging the same objects in different positions. The aim is to help children visualise numbers and understand that they can be presented in many different forms.




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