We all have fond memories of playing with playdough as kids. If you gave me some now, I’d probably still have fun making things and even just squishing it between my fingers. Playdough allows your imagination to run free. It’s a blank slate from which you can create anything you want. We’ve found some fun playdough projects from across the net to help spark your imagination and fuel your next playdough play time.

Solar System

The Playdoh website has an amazing video demonstrating an excellent space-based playdough project.

The Hasbro YouTube channel also has a bunch of great inspiration.


Create a classroom menagerie. Each student can create an animal and keep them together in a little classroom zoo. This could also be part of a larger project on animal habitats and conservation. If you have the time, you could have kids collaborate to create an accurate environment for their playdough creatures to live in.

If your kids need a little help getting started, the Playdoh website has some ‘how-to’ tutorials for various skill levels.

1, 2, 3, A, B, C

For younger kids, playdough can be a great tool for helping them to learn their letters and numbers. They can make them out of the dough to help familiarise themselves with the shapes. It can also be a great counting tool as kids can create a variety of fun shapes to practice their counting with. Kids can even write messages or sums in the playdough with various objects to make their learning a bit more fun. The lovely picture is from Teaching Every Day who also has an excellent blog post filled with educational playdough activities for younger kids.


Whip up some serves of delightful looking playdough ‘food’. To make a game out of it and add in some educational activities you could even have kids run a ‘store’ or ‘restaurant’ and sell the playdough food for playdough money. Although playdough is non-toxic, keep a close eye on younger kids to make sure they don’t eat any particularly tasty looking creations. This Rainbow Learning video is a fun place to start.


Playdough is the perfect medium for kids to make fossil style imprints. To give kids an idea of how fossils work they could create imprints of objects they find in the classroom or outdoors. They can then develop fossils based on how they imagine their favourite dinosaurs would look as fossils, or research various fossils of animals and plants and try to recreate them.

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