Provide Exposure to Practice Tests

3 Top Tips as to why encouraging and using Naplan practice tests are necessary:

TIP 1. Allows students to see the style of questioning, layout on each page, and provides some insight into what the test will consist of. This reduces anxiety, overwhelm and stress when our kids are given some time to preview what is going to be expected of them. As adults we don’t do well with surprises or unfamiliar situations, our kids are the same!!

TIP 2. Running through a full test will clearly demonstrate the amount of preparation and organisation time that is required on the day to be ready for test time. Great for both teachers and the students!!
Pencils sharpened ✏️ (remember you are only allowed HB or 2B pencils) erasers ready, extra writing paper handed out, all posters/learning prompts/charts to be removed or covered up, a toilet visit for a 40 minute test (up to 60 mins in the upper grades) and a little relaxation time for deep breathing and good thoughts to place the mindset into a positive flow.

TIP 3. Practice tests accustoms our kids to certain test conditions that are inevitable throughout their schooling and adult years such as; sitting for an extended period of time, knowing how to pace themselves, how to overcome and handle distractions in their environment and which relaxation methods work to calm any nerves, tension or anxiety.

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Read my blog TOP TIPS for Naplan which have been written separately for each group; teachers, parents and students.

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