Report Cards and Looking Ahead to Term 3

{TEACHERS & PARENTS} Report cards are out soon! If there are gaps in learning TERM 3 is the time to jump on these areas so no child is left behind. We have the perfect program to help any child who needs a little boost in their learning – 10 Quick Questions a Day.

The 10 Quick Questions a Day program is a series of Student Workbooks plus you’ll find additional support at our YouTube channel. Find a page that suits your children and let us teach the lesson at Lizard Learning Australia ????????

Consistency and daily revision is the key to educational and emotional success for our kids!

Each workbook has 5 literacy and 5 numeracy questions every single day for 40 weeks. There is a workbook for each term for all primary year levels – Years 1-6. All the work is done for you. Kids LOVE their daily 10!!

Over 2000 questions ensures you have peace of mind knowing you are covering all the fundamentals by the end of the year for your children.

Teachers are loving it for daily brain warm-ups, their complete homework program, fast finishers, revision and consolidation for their daily teaching, group work activity station, perfect for remedial or extension students and the ideal differentiation teaching tool.

Parents love it as they can see what their child is learning and it comes with ANSWERS and full support so they are never alone.

Try before you buy – Instantly download a FREE whole week sample CLICK HERE > (and sign-up in the green box)

Buy now! Why wait to change things around?! Instantly download the program now for individual terms and year levels.







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