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Home-schooling your kids is not an endeavour to be taken lightly. It is a time and resource intensive process that can get overwhelming at times. Educating children outside of the structure and support of a school environment allows for more flexibility but also requires strict organisation.

A homeschooling social media spotlight

The division between home time and school time can get a bit blurry especially after the holidays. Whether or not your homeschooling timetable lines up with ‘normal’ school, the first week back can be challenging. Last week’s blog about preparing for the new term provided some useful tips for all educators starting back so we thought we’d give some love to all the homeschoolers out there with some social media spotlights. Building a community and support network can be difficult when homeschooling especially if you are homeschooling due to geographical isolation. The proliferation of the internet has provided massive advantages when it comes to building communities for home educators across Australia to help support each other.

We’ve decided to spotlight a few of the Facebook and Instagram pages that have jumped out at us. Many of them also have blogs or websites that provide resources and support for home educators. If you’re considering homeschooling your kids, you should also check out the Home Education Association’s website before making any official decisions.



Home Education Collective

Instagram: @homeeducationcollective

The Home Education Collective is an initiative created by Carla, a home-schooling mother of three children living in Melbourne who was frustrated by the lack of up-to-date independent directory of home-schooling resources. Carla used her background in small business, data analysis and web management to fill the gap herself. The Home Education Collective website is now the largest independent directory of home-school resources in Australia.


E.L.D.A Homeschool

Instagram: @elda_homeschool

E.L.D.A = Explore Learn Design Achieve. This homeschooling Instagram explores the everyday adventures of learning in a homeschool environment. Take a look at their profile for fun and relatable adventures for you and your kids.



Instagram: @curiouskidsscience

Fun resources and inspiration for all the science lovers out there. Perfect for help with homeschooling or extending any kid’s science education into the home.


Facebook has become the online home for homeschooling communities. There are a multitude of pages to choose from so we picked some of the most ‘liked’ to get you started on finding your new online support network.


The Rockstar Homeschooling Mum

Facebook: @Therockstarhomeschoolingmum

YouTube: The Rockstar Homeschooling Mum

This rockstar mum of six believes we can all be rockstars. Her Facebook page and YouTube channel chronicles her time loving and learning with her kids as she homeschools them and tries to help them live their best life.


Aussie Home School

Facebook: @AussieHomeschool


Aussie Homeschool is an excellent Facebook page and forum for homeschooling parents to discuss the trials and tribulations of homeschooling while encouraging and supporting each other. It provides a space for home educators to share resources and ideas.


Facebook: @TheEducatingParent


Beverly Paine has been homeschooling children for decades. Even after her own kids finished their schooling, she continued her work as a home education advocate and supporter. As well as continuing this vital work, she has created dozens of resources to help home educators across Australia.



Homeschooling Downunder

Facebook: @homeschooldownunder


Michelle Morrow has spent 17 years homeschooling all four of her children. They are all off to university now, but she continues to be an active part of the homeschooling community. Her website and blog have been listed as a support resource by the NSW Home Education Unit (NESA), and she has gone on to create additional resources for simplifying the homeschooling process.


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