I have introduced this into the class this week and now all the teachers at school that have seen it want copies! It’s a fantastic resource. Thank you again.
Melissa Pearce

Year 2/3 Classroom Teacher, Victoria

Thank you for a great resource; while I don’t use it all, my class LOVE IT. The grammar and punctuation questions are great! I am aiming to have my whole year level (potentially 4 classes) on board next year to use as our homework program.

Year 6 Classroom Teacher, Northside Brisbane

I think your website and resources are excellent and I love your products. I have taught Prep for 3 years and Early Childhood (Montessori) for more than 10 years. I have moved to Year 3 for a change and a new challenge and I love it! I have used an array of websites in the past and they are not as pragmatic as yours!
Melissa Handley

Classroom Teacher, Education Queensland

We are absolutely loving your resources! I can not tell you how valuable they have been on our travels. My kids are learning so much and they enjoy the daily challenge. I think every child in Australia should be doing 10 Quick Questions a Day. They are amzing resources. I see my kids learning everyday and it has put my mind at rest they they’ll be ok going back to school next year”

The Great Aussie Family Escape – A Gold Coast family travelling the world for 12 months, homeschooling their children.



The most engaging and fun set of questions my kids have solved. As a parent I love them too. I love how it’s only 10 questions a day which covers everything. Cindy is more than amazing, she has always been helpful each time I’ve reached out to her and has guided me on what suited both my kids. You are amazing Cindy and I’m looking forward to being on board with your new set of questions for the new year.”I have introduced this into the class this week and now all the teachers at school that have seen it want copies! It’s a fantastic resource. Thank you again.

Bhavini Sha

Breakfast Point, New South Wales

Thank you so very much. I was a bit hesitant paying etc but you know what, I am going to email the people I teach with all about you and encourage them all to join.

Hard finding exactly what I wanted but I did with you. We work our literacy based on the four block model, so I am always looking for warm up activities, as you have provided for me, something when the children arrive that is literacy based and ready for them to begin learning whilst waiting to read to either teacher.

I have tried different things but with varying levels of ability, it was a challenge. The work you provided will cover 8 out of my ten children leaving me to organise letter id activities, MIOOW words for two struggling boys. I can’t thank you enough. If I am able to, I will purchase Term 4 and then begin next year as well.


Special Needs Teacher, Victoria

“Love the 10 quick questions a day. I’m a new graduate with Year 6 next year. I just wanted to let you know how much I like the resource. As a graduate teacher I love your 10 Quick Questions a Day. They are fantastic as an early finisher activity or as a daily warm-up. The kids love them too”


Caboolture, Brisbane, Queensland

“Cindy! You are awesome! Thank you so much.”

“I think this will be awesome to use I have 1 Year 4 and 1 Year 3 student I am looking at sending to do this daily with a teacher aide. I am excited to trial the program as a separate task they can do with an aide, that does not make me drown in preparation. I am thinking that once I know and understand the program well, I could look at extending it next year to order for whole class use.”


Classroom Teacher

Thank you, Cindy, for the wonderful 10 Quick Questions a Day program. I am an SSP teacher in a very small school and the structure of the questions and the layout is perfect for my students. Hearing that all your resources are now in a membership for one price makes it the perfect yearly subscription for a teacher to have in their teacher tool-kit each year. I am always needing different year levels and different terms and now I have access to it all. My kids LOVE their 10 questions each day.

S. Iisakka

Assistant Principal / SSP Teacher, NSW

“I am happy with the set out, it has been good to challenge me, and what and how I teach my students.”

Colin Wrecker

Classroom Teacher, Education Queensland

“I think the resource is excellent. I am using this as a daily revision / warm-up for my 2 girls at home. I am a teacher but high school (PDHPE).”


Mother and High School Teacher

“The 10 Quick Questions a Day resource is super user friendly!”

Ashleigh Graham

Classroom Teacher, New South Wales

I can’t believe all THIS in one place for only $87 for members. It’s going to be the teacher membership I keep in my teacher tool-kit every year. To cover literacy and numeracy within 30 minutes each day plus download additional 15 minute filler activities, posters and games too, I don’t need another membership when I have this one. Thank you for giving me all this time back.

Renee Harrison

Remote Teacher ~ Year 3, NT, QLD

I found Lizard Learning during home learning and I couldn’t be happier. The school work coming home was confusing and many pages were needed to teach the same concepts the 10 Quick Questions a Day program taught using only one page. Thank you Lizard Learning for making home learning so easy and enjoyable for my two boys. I told my boys’ teachers about this resource and hope they use it in their classroom.

Tracey Webster

Brisbane parent to two boys ~ Year 3 & 6, Ascot QLD

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