The English language can be so confusing. All of the spelling rules have exceptions. Some old rules, like “i before e except after c” had to be thrown out because there were too many exceptions. Even good rules like, drop the ‘e’ at the end of the word when adding a suffix, don’t apply to some words (words ending in ‘-ce/-ge’ get to keep their ‘e’ when adding the suffixes ‘-able/-ous’ eg. Notice – noticeable, courage — courageous). So it’s no wonder our kids find writing, reading, and spelling difficult. As you can image, learning and effectively using the words there, their, and they’re is no exception. There are many activities and ways to teach these concepts, but where do we begin?

We know worksheets All.The.Time are not productive. Sure they have their place, like the one we have showcased, but not all the time. Lizard Learning likes to spread the learning love and bring fun into lives of children while at school. We try to always show a variety of ways our kids can be laughing as they learn. My students always loved this tip that I’ll share in my Teacher Teaching Tip in today’s blog.

To help my kids learn the word THEIR, I would draw a funny looking head, arms and legs onto the I in THEIR so my kids could visually see the representation of a person and easily consolidate the visual with the meaning of the word ‘their’: to belong to someone. For example: Are you going to their house tonight for dinner? The house is belonging to them. See the pic I have drawn to see why my kids quickly learned and could use this word effectively in their story writing and journal writing each week.

Hopefully with the huge range of fun, relevant, and engaging activities we create, your students will be laughing as they explore the ins and outs of the English language. Our very popular 10 Quick Questions a Day is fantastic way to provide the daily consolidation of concepts that children need.

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