Top Tips For Naplan- Keep It Calm And Chilled!

Develop A Calm Relaxed and Positive Classroom

It’s very important that you as the classroom teacher always demonstrate a chilled and relaxed approach to testing and during the three days of Naplan testing. It is our attitude that our students are ALWAYS watching. It is imperative we maintain our stress and anxiety levels. Go to another classroom and scream your lungs out or shed those tears (yes I had them during my first year as a Grade 3 Naplan year teacher) at home but definitely not in the sights of any students.

To keep yourself chilled remember, this is ONE test in time and whatever the result for your daily day buddies or your classroom as a whole, doesn’t determine the success of students or your teaching in the long run. Your focus should always be on encouraging your students to do their best, try their hardest and ‘give it a go’. Our words are powerful! Knowing that you are calm, have expressed your outcomes in a positive way and continue to show your students all is ok in the world, then this can be a great time as a group to move through testing in a seamless manner.

Expressing how proud you are of each student, letting them know all they need to do is their very best and making sure they understand that a result on a piece of paper will not determine their success in the future, will all go a very long way to ensure these next few weeks remain calm, smooth and chillaxed.

To help you and your classroom we have created our Top Tips For getting through the stress of Naplan.

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Please comment and let us know your thoughts on Naplan. You might have a special positive tip yourself, that might just be the answer a teacher or parent needs to move through the Naplan process with grace and ease.

Keep Shining Brightly, Cindy xo


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