Appreciate your P & C Day

I never realised until I’m now a parent, how much effort the parents put in, in THEIR own time, to make all the community events come together! I didn’t have children when I was a teacher and never considered how much time, effort and money is spent on these activities from the parents within a school. 
Just at my daughter’s school of 360 kids, we have all these activities that require support to bring it together and most of all, the hardworking mums and dad who make it happen. These are the mums and dads who have full time jobs, look after elderly parents, sick kids, sports on weekends, in the afternoons with their own kids…endless busyness but still provide their valuable time to run the ⤵️ 
Movie Fundraiser
Colour Run Fundraiser
Uniform Shop
Cookie Drive
Mother’s Day stall
Father’s Day stall
Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
School Clean-Up / Working Bees 
A big shout-out to all members of P & C’s everywhere!! You are loved, appreciated and needed even though it is never said often enough. Thank you for making a difference to your school and to a child’s schooling life ❤️????????????????


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