Humble Beginnings To Reaching A Big Goal!

Lizard Learning started from humble beginnings to officially (as of last week) EDSCO becoming a distributor of our resources!! If you don’t know EDSCO, it is THE leading educational supply bookstore in Australia, a place I spent many hours as a teacher buying up big and a place I spent most of my wage each month! I love this bookstore ~ it has everything a teacher could want in an educational shop.

This wonderful community that is Lizard Learning all started as a small seed as a thought in my head for as long as I can remember. It was to take two big career moves, a lot of lessons that had to be learned along the way and time, until it came to fruition and for all the planets to align. It wasn’t until I started teaching in 2004 creating lessons, activities and resources for my own classroom of students that I could see what it could be and where my passion for giving, sharing, motivating and teaching was leading me.

I wasn’t a clever kid at primary school and certainly no one at high school would have pinned me as ‘Most Likely to Succeed!’ I didn’t know what the feelings inside were when I was at school or even completing my two degrees, but I never felt fulfilled in my career goals. I never felt that I belonged in any job I was employed in. Thankfully I was to discover why! I had a need to create a big community of kindness, sharing, supporting and love for everything education, teaching, creating and learning.

Up until creating Lizard Learning I knew I wanted to help on a massive and global level. Four patients a day as an R.N. and later twenty-five students in a classroom as a teacher still wasn’t enough. I could help more, do more and share more but I didn’t know how!! As a Registered Nurse and later a classroom school teacher the burning desire to teach, help, share, care and nurture a community of like minded people was burning hot and very, very deep.

As the years have travelled on, that burning inside continued and today I am creating every wish and dream I visualised as a little girl. Small piece by small piece everyday has achieved all that I and our team have created here at Lizard Learning. 33 workbooks; the flagship series 10 Quick Questions a Day, Bootcamp: Punctuation and Spelling workbooks, Relief Teachers: 10 Quick Questions a Day ~ A Survival Guide, Colouring/Puzzle books, the Lizard Learning Club free resources and our premium member package The Lizard Learning Club PLUS Membership site with hundreds of activities, games, posters, packages and learning materials for anyone educating a child in the primary school years!!

What a blast these past few years have been! I thank you from the bottom of my heart from wherever you join us. Please come on over to our Facebook page with nearly 13,000 awesome followers or head to our Instagram page where we grow daily. We would love to hear what you have to say so come on into the family and join the social conversation.

I am always here and listening so please drop us a comment and let us know what you need to help you in your teaching, what you like about our work or what we need to improve.

Do you have a goal you want to achieve?? Tell us on our Facebook page or press REPLY to this email and you can personally tell me all about it!

Teachers Rock
Cindy xo


  1. Danielle

    So what is your next goal Cindy?

    • Cindy Holmberg ~ Smith

      World Peace Dan xo

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