How to Improve Spelling For Kids

Worried about basic English language skills of Punctuation and Spelling?
Concerned that these important skills need a worthwhile kick start?

Welcome to BOOTCAMP: PUNCTUATION AND SPELLING – A series of resources designed to focus on essential Punctuation and Spelling skills. This simple and easy to follow layout, with fun bootcamp graphics, will keep any child engaged and inspired.

Motivate, stimulate and encourage your recruits with BOOTCAMP.

This resource will become their own private trainer and guide them through an exacting 6 week training schedule with an intensive workout in Punctuation and Spelling. Each daily drill will help strengthen, stretch and improve core skills using an exciting and engaging formula. With a format that includes a range of BOOTCAMP warm-up exercises like burpees, lunges and bi-curls before each drill, your recruits will be well on their way to success in these two very important curriculum areas.

BOOTCAMP is now here to help kick literacy fitness into gear with a 6 week, specifically-selected training program that enable recruits to flex their literacy muscles and reach a higher level of independence, confidence and skills in these two key literacy areas of Punctuation and Spelling.

Take the BOOTCAMP challenge and sign up today.

BOOTCAMP is available for grades 1 – 6.


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