John Catania

I was born with a disability called Spina Bifida and have used a wheelchair all my life. Disability has challenged my resolve; equally, it provides tremendous gifts and unique perspective on life. Working as a child educator, and uncle to five beautiful nieces and nephews under ten, I relate to children because of their own unique perspectives on life. Our connection is a significant aspect of my disability; I’m literally at their eye level and my stature in my chair must appear different, perhaps less authoritative. They approach me with smiles and enthusiastic energy; and I am mindful of displaying empathy, compassion and encouragement as they read stories. I love working with prep kids at my local state primary school. Kids ask questions, are curious, without malice or agenda; they have no preconceptions or prejudice.

John Catania

I’ll make a revealing personal admission. Exposing my fears around perceptions of my physical disability to my psychologist, he asked me what I felt about my body and its function. I said I felt like a child. He then asked me what I believe are the positive attributes of a child. Easily I rattled off a litany of beautiful, kind, optimistic qualities: children live in the moment; they’re curious, honest, full of wonder; they take risks, respond to people on face value; they have no concept of prejudice. My psychologist smiled and said some profound words: “what if I were to tell you that I spend my working days teaching adults how to be more like children; to reconnect with the positive attributes of a child”.

When a child asks me, purely from a place of curiosity, “why are your legs so small” or “why do you use a wheelchair”, I give them a simple answer: “my wheels are like your legs; they get me places”. Or, going into more detail, I ask what they know of the spinal cord and nerves; my nerves lower down my back were exposed at birth and can’t tell my brain to tell my legs to walk. Frankly, once they had their answer – honest, plain and direct – they couldn’t have cared less. “Oh, ok, hey did you know I had my birthday on the weekend? I’m six!” Our gorgeous billy lids teach us.  

Lizard Learning is part of a wider family – of teachers, educators, parents, family and friends – privileged to learn from our children. Children are at the centre of our values, which is why I’m proud to be involved with a grass roots, community organisation – indeed, a family – who support children’s education and nurture their wellbeing. As much as we model positive values, attitudes and behaviours, and instil in our children a sense of belonging in their world – helping their innate gifts to shine – we would do well to listen and learn from them; after all, they are their own little humans, who will grow into their own identity; we are merely players in the stage that children create for their own lives.


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