10 Quick Questions A Day – Year 1 – Term 4 Student Workbook


ISBN: 978-1-925509-03-8

EVERY single day has 10 structured curriculum questions for a whole 10 week term. Five literacy questions – punctuation, grammar, spelling, sentence structuring, writing, PLUS five numeracy questions – time, number, graphs/measurement/shapes, chance & data/probability, problem solving and much more. All concepts are continually covered on a rotating basis for students to have constant exposure to these concepts to reinforce retention of the basics in these two key learning areas within the primary school years. The concepts are developed to increase in difficulty from Term 1 through to Term 4.

If purchasing for a classroom or school, the 10 Quick Questions a Day program and Bootcamp: Punctuation and Spelling program adhere to the 10% photocopy rule on published resources. Please purchase the set amount of books for the individual number of students in your classroom. This protects users against copyright breaches and random photocopy audits that occur in schools in each year. 

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The 10 Quick Questions A Day series has been designed to develop the fundamental and ongoing understanding of grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation as well as number sense, mathematical processes, measurement, space, chance and data, problem solving and mathematical thinking, in one clear and fun format, that is very teacher and child-friendly.

Designed to provide a concise and unique resource for all classroom teachers, The 10 Quick Questions A Day series has been formulated around the current Australian primary school curriculum and is a must-have resource for literacy and numeracy teaching.

This fantastic program fits any classroom.

  • Adaptable to ANY teaching style or classroom daily program – daily brain warm-ups, the must have constant revision tool, homework program – you will never have to slave away on your weekends again completing homework sheets, fast finishers worksheets, the perfect parent group work activity.
  • Excellent for home-schooling. The curriculum work has been done for you.
  • Ideal for parents. Great for any parents who are interested in helping their child succeed in the primary school years. Work with your child daily on the concepts that is being taught in the classroom.
  • Each set of questions follow the same format. Questions 1-5 are literacy based and questions 6-10 are numeracy.
  • A very comprehensive learning tool to establish those fundamental curriculum concepts that are a must for students.
  • The numbered system provides the best tool for differentiation. Students can be given the odd numbers to complete one day, even numbers the next. Struggling learners still cover all curriculum concepts by the end of the week, without the stress.
  • Each day, questions are repeated with slight changes so younger children can become familiar with terms or ways of working and build their understanding of individual concepts.
  • Where appropriate, questions have a definition. This builds an understanding of appropriate literacy and numeracy language. These definitions are continually repeated throughout the book to reinforce key concepts and consolidate learning.
  • Developed by dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic and fun classroom teachers.
  • Graphics are based on children’s interest and engage curiosity when using their student workbook.
  • 54 PAGES.
  • Includes Answers.
  • This is a digital downloadable product. Once you have completed your purchase you will be sent two emails. One will contain the link to download your pdf purchase and the other from Paypal.
  • For further information on purchases, including other payment methods for schools, email sales@lizardlearning.com and we will attend to this request promptly so there is no disruption in your students’ learning.


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